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Team Newsletter

April 2022

IT Update from Kris

Cyber Security is everyone’s concern

In today’s world we all hear about how information is being obtained by those who shouldn’t have it. Hacking and other electronic crimes constitute one of the largest industries in today’s economy, gone are the days of just worrying about the kid in mom’s basement. We all have our own roles to play in protecting our information as well as the information for those we are responsible for. Working in healthcare we all should be cognizant of the risk we bring to the organization and the patients we are ultimately here to serve and protect. I have recently been asked why those who work “on the floor” should care about cyber security as they do not have access to as many systems as those in the office. That answer is simple. PCC has enough information contained in it about our residents that an attacker could use that it would have devastating effects. Everyone in the organization needs to follow the most basic rules when it comes to cyber security. 

  1. Never use the same password for PCC that you do for ANYTHING else. Password breaches occur all the time and if you use the same password for PCC that you do for your login to your favorite store then your password could be compromised by their data breach. In fact all your passwords should be different from each other.
  2. Never use your own personal computer for any business-related logins such as PCC. Your home PC likely does not have the same security footprint as your work computer. Your home computer could be compromised, and you not even know it. If it is, they could steal your logins.
  3. Do not use anything that could be found on your social media in your password (Kids names, anniversary dates, birth dates, address, etc…)
  4. Never provide your password to anyone for any reason.
  5. Always make your passwords at least 12 characters.

Soon we well be increasing our cyber security practice as an organization implementing additional safeguards to help protect against online threats. These new requirements will include things like two factor authentication, additional safeguards when logging into systems from home, and web filtering requirements.

 We are always here to help with anything technology related. If you believe someone may have your password or has gained access to your account please let us know immediately.

Kris Haley-
President – Keytel Solutions