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Team Newsletter

April 2022

Emery’s Assisted Living Achievers

This recurring monthly article will be about Mission Point and its assisted living communities.  Currently, Mission Point has two assisted living communities in its portfolio – Jackson, and Superior Woods.  Both communities are licensed by the state agency known as “Homes for the Aged” (HFA).  These communities are unique in that they are physically attached to the skilled nursing facility, so they have the full resources of the nursing home as well.

Our assisted living (AL) communities are managed by two wonderful and talented individuals – Kenya Hacker at Superior Woods, and Stacy Keast at Jackson.  Both of these ladies are nurses who have many years of experience.

You may be wondering what the difference is between a nursing home and an assisted living.  While they may sometimes look similar, they are quite different (and should be!).  An assisted living community is not “clinical”.  This means that they do not have a medical director, they do not provide “skilled nursing care” such as wound care, trach’s, etc. that we typically see in a nursing home.  Instead, AL’s use a “social model” – meaning that any clinical care is provided by a home care nurse, or other outside agency.  Residents needing assistance with medications receive their medications from trained medication techs who assist the resident in administering.  In addition, an assisted living community focuses more on activity programming and dining.

Unlike a nursing facility that accepts Medicare and Medicaid, the assisted living environment is typically paid for by an individual’s private funds.  Interestingly, both of our assisted livings have contracted with an agency called PACE – which is a Medicaid Waiver type program.  With this program, PACE (through Medicaid) pays a portion of the costs associated with the residents stay.

Many residents who are staying in a SNF for rehab may be interested in assisted living.  If you identify a resident who may benefit from this type of care and environment, you are encouraged to reach out to the AL leaders at Jackson or Superior Woods.  I’m sure they would be more than happy to speak with you about what they can offer.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at 248-940-5390 or via email at


Emery Dumas, LNHA Regional Director of Operations – Assisted Living