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Team Newsletter

August 2022

The Compliance Minute

Hello team Mission Point, and welcome to another installment of “The Compliance Minute”.   Last month we touched on what compliance is (in a nutshell- doing the right thing!).  As we continue these monthly articles, we will dive deeper into that, as compliance relates to a wide variety of topics such as resident rights, quality of care, billing, gifts and gratuities, etc. This month’s article is all about reporting potential, alleged, or actual compliance concerns.

Employees, vendors, and contractors have a responsibility to report all violations, suspected violations, questionable conduct, or questionable practices.  Failure to report may result in disciplinary action.  Retaliation against reporters is strictly prohibited.

Mission Point has a compliance hotline, known as the “We Care Hotline” that has been established to provide employees and others with a confidential method for raising concerns about violations or suspected violations of the compliance program.  You may choose to remain anonymous.  This hotline is monitored by the Corporate Compliance Officer.  The telephone number is 616-975-5335. 

There are also other methods available to report concerns:

Report to your immediate supervisor, who has an obligation to report to the Corporate Compliance Officer.

  1. Report to the facility Corporate Compliance Liaison (the nursing home administrator), who has an obligation to report to the Corporate Compliance Officer.
  2. Report to the Corporate Compliance Officer directly at 248-940-5390 ext. 1023 or via email at


Even if you are unsure if a situation poses a compliance risk, it’s always a good idea to lean on the side of caution and contact the compliance department.  The department can provide guidance and recommendations.

Should you have any questions about our compliance program, please do not hesitate to contact me!


Emery Dumas, LNHA, CDP, CDC
Corporate Compliance Officer