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Team Newsletter

August 2022

Quality Measure:

Percent of residents assessed and appropriately given the seasonal influenza vaccine

CMS regulations require that all long-term care facilities assess and document the influenza vaccination status of each resident, provide education regarding vaccination benefits and side effects, and administer the vaccine when indicated, unless it is refused by the resident or responsible party. The quality measure for influenza vaccine displays for the public how each facility is performing with this regulation and is calculated once per year at the end of the influenza season (season is from October 1st to March 31st).


All residents entering the facility should have their vaccination status assessed by using the Mission Point Vaccine Consent form to determine which vaccines (Influenza/Pneumococcal/Covid-19) they have received and whether or not they would like to be vaccinated in the facility if they are not up to date.  This needs to be done within the first few days after admission to the facility and documented in the resident’s immunization tab in Point Click Care.  All residents have the right to refuse vaccines, but we need to encourage vaccination as influenza (and pneumonia/Covid-19) spread very easily and immunization is one of the best ways to prevent severe illness from these diseases.


Kelly Harriman
Regional Director of Quality and Reimbursement