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Team Newsletter

August 2022

Transitional Care Solutions

The newest value-add service under the Mission Point umbrella is Transitional Care Solutions.  Transitional Care Solutions provides support for residents and families discharging from our facilities and living in surrounding communities.  At Transitional Care Solutions we believe in warm hand-offs, open communication, and safety at home.

Our goal is to provide services to our residents upon discharge from our facilities, either directly or via partnerships.  These services may include, but not limited to:

  • Home Health
    • We partner with home health agencies with high five-star ratings and quality outcomes
    • Outpatient Therapy at Home via Team Transformational Solutions
    • Medical Equipment
  • Wellness
    • Meals
    • Transportation
    • Caregiver Support
    • Home Fitness
    • Disease Education
  • Home Safety
    • Home modification
    • Minor Repair
    • Maintenance

Portia Bullard is the newest member of the Mission Point family.  She is the Director of Transitional Care Solutions.  Portia has a large network in the Acute and Post-Acute community.  Her first day was July 11 and she has hit the ground running!  We are very excited to have Portia’s background, knowledge and leadership.

Transitional Care Solutions | Mission Point Healthcare


Andy Wagner
Vice President of Rehabilitation