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Team Newsletter

August 2022

Mindfulness in the Workplace


Okay, take a minute and think about what you did in the office last week, yesterday, or even earlier today. Does it appear to be a giant blur? You are not alone. Do you find yourself thinking about a thousand different things at once, unable to attend to the task at hand? Do you feel stressed both during and after work? Are you not as productive as you used to be? Most people in the workplace are reporting being more stressed than in the past. Many say they are unable to keep up with their work. There may be many reasons for this, including things over which you have no control.

There is a growing trend going on currently in which individuals and their organizations are altering how they experience the workplace. It is called Mindfulness. Mindfulness is the act of focusing your attention on the present moment. It allows you to detach briefly from the chaotic thinking and multitasking evident in today’s workplace. Taking time out to be in the moment as you go through your busy workday can alter and enhance the entire experience. As a result, you begin to allow yourself the opportunity to decide which task to focus on – one at a time.  In time, employees notice they are able to concentrate and make better decisions.  In the long run, companies have noticed increased productivity and morale in their staff. Other benefits of mindfulness are less rigidity, more openness to new ideas and change, and lightheartedness in those who practice it regularly.

A great reason to begin practicing mindfulness is that you don’t need to add anything to your busy schedule of daily events. You just need to pay attention to everything you’re doing moment by moment. It can be easily integrated into a daily routine by eating a raisin each hour or half hour and focusing on the taste and texture while being aware of any thoughts, worries, or sensations that may take place.  If they arise, let them float on by like clouds in the sky. You can also pay attention to your breathing, sounds, interactions, etc. Practice going through your busy workday in a mindful manner and notice the change.


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Sarah Buchanan
Vice President of Human Resources