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Team Newsletter

July 2022

From Andrew’s Desk

Payer Sources  

Healthcare today has a wide array of payers ranging from traditional Medicare plans to numerous Managed Care plans.  Almost all plans provide a benefit to the beneficiary for PT, OT, and SLP services.  The opportunity with nontraditional payers is the approval process for therapy services. 

At TTS we believe providing therapy services for residents in long- term care is a key component of care and customer service.  Therapy services strives to improve quality of life, promote independence, and reduce the level of care for our residents.  We have plans in place to monitor, screen, and treat residents in need of therapy services. 

As we continue to grow this aspect of our service to our customers, we want to promote teamwork from our partners at the facilities.  Below is our process for ensuring residents in long-term care optimize their quality of life. 

  • Monitor and Screen
    • We utilize reports in PCC to review declines in function
    • Referrals to therapy from facility staff members
    • Family referrals for therapy services
  • Payer Verification
    • TTS will provide the billing office a payer verification to determine the approval process for therapy services
    • TTS will place the proper payer in NetHeath for the resident
  • Therapy Services
    • Therapy will provide services as outlined by the original plan of care
  • End of Month
    • Therapy provides the facility documentation of the therapy services provided and the facility bills the proper payer

Teamwork is key from start to finish in the process noted above.  Delays or incorrect information results in delays in therapy services for our residents, delays in payment to the facility, and additional labor hours to review incorrect information. 


Andrew Wagner, MHA, PT – Vice President of Rehabilitation