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Team Newsletter

July 2022

East vs West Census Challenge

Both teams again fought hard yesterday at the final chance to clinch the title.

 Both East and West increased in occupancy, and the official winner is…
















Congratulations to Team WEST who pushed hard to end at 82.15% occupancy as a region.


Congratulations to Forest Hills, who was the “Best of the West”, with the highest occupancy of 93.10% on Team West. Congratulations Denise and Andrew and your entire team at Forest Hills for not only taking the win in the west, but for maintaining over 90% occupancy throughout the quarter. (Did you know- Forest Hills has never been on census call throughout the competition?)


Roger Mali – get the grill fired up, it’s time to BBQ at the Forest!


To the rest of the Team West facilities who ended above 85% occupancy- Forest Hills, Roscommon, Greenville, Jackson, Big Rapids, and Bayside– there will be some awesome MP swag coming your way for all staff at your facilities.


Honorable mention to Woodward who closed out the competition with the highest overall occupancy, great job to your team on your tremendous census growth!


Great job truly to both teams!


We began this competition at 2156 company wide census on May 1st and ended at 2208 company wide census on June 30th. You can see the outcome from your hard work below not only during the competition but starting with digging out of a tough first quarter and pushing hard to close out the first half of the year on a healthier note.


Thank You all for your efforts in driving census, which is so vital to Mission Point being able to achieve our 1-year, 3-year, 10-year goals.


We appreciate your hard work, have a great holiday weekend!


 Chelsea Rink, NHA, MHA – Regional Director of Operations