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Team Newsletter

June 2022

Two Factor Authentication Requirements Are Coming…

Coming June 13th all Mission Point employees will be required to use two factor authentication to access Office 365 applications including email, SharePoint, and the online versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint This is being implemented by mandate from our insurance companies and soon federal agency mandates for the medical field. Two Factor authentication protects our accounts from un-authorized access from 3rd parties as it provides a secondary “proof” that we are who we say we are and prevents anyone without the “token” from accessing our account. The process or activating the two-factor authentication is easy with only a few steps using any cell phone. Below are some frequently asked questions about the process.


Do I use my work phone or personal phone?

  • Either is fine. The application that provides the two-factor authentication is made by Microsoft and is in no way connected to Mission Point IT.


Can Mission Point see my information if I put the app on my phone?

  • The app is stand-alone from Microsoft and is in no way connected to Mission Point.


Is there any other way to do the Two-Factor authentication if I do not have a cell phone?

  • There is a way to use a token without a cell phone. If this applies to you reach out to the helpdesk so we can work with you to make sure we get you setup before the June 13th


What happens on June 13th?

  • The first time you login on June 13th or after the system will prompt you to setup your 2FA. You will not be able to gain access until this is completed.


Where do I get help setting up 2FA if I need it?

  • Call the helpdesk at 734-884-5300


Can I preview what steps are needed?

  • Certainly, The steps are included in this link 2FA Setup


Kris Haley
President – Keytel Systems