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Team Newsletter

May 2022

From Andrew’s Desk

TTS wants to be the provider of choice with national recognition for optimizing quality, outcomes, and reduced rehospitalization through evidence-based practice.  We plan to revitalize therapy services delivered in the long-term care setting with true patient centered care.  Our therapy services will be individualized based on the clinical presentation of each resident. 

The first initiative is to optimize resident care with improved teamwork.  Every team member brings valuable information for each resident that impacts quality care in our facilities.  A critical component is to recognize potential high risk factors elevating risk for rehospitalization.  Once these factors are identified, we need teamwork to mitigate the risk factors with routine monitoring and treatment. 

We are currently collaborating with clinical support to identify best practices for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation groups supporting our facilities.  The support of PM& R will focus on improved facility communication, review of new admissions for risk factors with routine follow-up, and program development.  Our goal is to set a standard of practice for all facilities.  We are very excited for the added focused support of PM&R in our facilities. 

In the month of May please watch for progress on the following items.

  • Focused PM& R support
  • Pilot Clinical Programs for Pulmonary and Dementia Support
  • Discharge Planning with a focus on Outpatient Therapy with TTS
  • Telehealth Services from TTS


Andrew Wagner, MHA, PT – Vice President of Rehabilitation