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Phone System Update


We have been in the process of installing new phone systems across the organization to help reduce costs associated with both carrier costs and service costs. The helpdesk can now make most changes for voicemail, usernames, and buttons remotely. The system has already been installed in all but 5 buildings and those are coming soon. Below are some things that are important to remember.

• Any issues with the phones including changes that need to be made should be submitted by helpdesk ticket. Most things can be customized for the building within
reason, but some things are set by corporate. Administrators can submit helpdesk requests for changes.

• You can reach anyone else in any building by just dialing an extension number if they have already been upgraded. There is a phonebook available on the phone by pressing
the Brown button at the bottom of the screen that says 3CX phonebook, then click search in the left corner and enter the building code listed below to bring up all the
extensions in that building, for corporate users use their name. You can also search on the position such as searching “DON” will list all the DONs from every building.

• It is preferred for you to use extension to extension calling to reach a different building as there is no cost for a telephone line no matter the distance.

• We are working on training videos to be posted to the intranet.

Patient Room Phones
Along with the new phone systems we have also updated the patient room phones. Due to lack of documentation from the previous systems, we were unable to re-establish some of the direct dial numbers that rang into the rooms directly. To streamline process across the organization, we will be discontinuing direct dial numbers for patient rooms. Each facility will be assigned a single phone number for families to dial and then they will enter the 5-digit extension for the room they are calling. These patient numbers are listed below. If you do not know what extension is in a particular room you can find it by calling 11111 (that’s five 1’s) from the phone in the room, the system will read the extension back to you. It is important to note that maintenance should NOT be moving lines from room to room. If a patient must be moved to a new room, please inform the family of the new extension numbers.

For facilities without patient room phones or that do not have them in all rooms you can request them through the capital improvement request process. For now, if you have rooms
that do not have phones you should have been provided with a basic cordless phone at each nurse station specifically for patient use.

Kristopher Haley
President of Keytel Systems