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New Upgrades coming to facilities!


A batch of new computers and phones have been purchased for many of the facilities and are being installed in the coming weeks and months. The leadership team was able to fund and procure a batch of new computers to replace old broken ones and provide employees with upgraded technology. This round of upgrades is the first in a replacement plan that sets us on a path to replace all computers on a five-year cycle to keep up with current technology and security requirements.


New phone systems are being installed in all buildings that have not already been upgraded. These upgrades should be completed by the end of the year and are being standardized across the organization to provide a common set of standards which include…

  • The ability for management level staff to use their work extension on their cell phone if they choose to be able to take calls throughout the facility.
  • New cordless phones dedicated for nursing use to be able to answer calls away from the nurse station.
  • Either patient room phones or dedicated cordless phones at each nurse station for patient use.
  • Voicemails that are directed to email that allow them to be forwarded to others that need to work with them.
  • Ability to transfer calls between facilities and corporate offices.
  • Centralized phone directory.


We are also in the process of upgrading and overhauling internet connections and WIFI systems in the buildings. Unfortunately, the equipment necessary to complete this part of the project is currently on back order and implementation is delayed until later in the year. As a reminder, please do not reboot or unplug network equipment on your own without talking to a member of the helpdesk.


Other new systems on the horizon include a companywide intranet to be able to better organize information and to connect with those you need to work with in other areas of the organization. We expect to have more about this system in the coming months.


We are working hard to get the tools you need in your hands to better serve our residents.

Kristopher Haley
Interim VP of Information Technology