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Cardiac Rehabilitation

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With Mission Point Healthcare’s latest clinical success: the “SmarterHeart” Cardiac Rehabilitation Program represents an advancement in Mission Point’s post-acute cardiac patient management experience and its track record of successful outcomes.

    What is the “SmarterHeart” Cardiac Rehab Program?

    This program has been initiated at the Mission Point of Cedar Springs and Mission Point of Forest Hills locations. It is a specifically designed clinical protocol which consists of the most advanced practices available and is measured against strict practice standards utilized by the most aggressive and clinically successful acute care centers. The program outcomes show faster and more successful patient recoveries. Mission Point’s “SmarterHeart” Program consists of an interdisciplinary approach comprised of core competencies which include:

    • Medical Evaluation
    • Risk Factor Modification
    • Education
    • Counseling
    • Exercise Program

    The program is administered under the direction of a Masters prepared Registered Nurse. The program director is complemented by a Physiatrist, Registered Dietitian, and a Masters Prepared Social Worker. The patient care is coordinated by a certified case management team.

    What kind of patients benefit from the “SmarterHeart” Program?

    Persons with cardiovascular diagnoses including congestive heart failure (CHF), heart attacks (MI), coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), significant respiratory diseases or respiratory complications.

    Other important program components:

    • Staff trained in nutrition counseling, patient assessment, psychosocial management and weight management
    • Individualized treatment plans of care
    • Established medical emergency protocols
    • Exercise prescription and modification

    Measured outcomes defined and reported as a part of Quality Assurance, Clinical Outcome, Behavior Outcome, Health Outcome, and Customer Service Outcome

    Bedside tele-health monitoring with Life EMS over-site

    Mission Points’s “SmarterHeart” Program provides patients, physicians, and other care providers with confidence to know that they are receiving the best available interventions which will enhance recovery and help get patients home faster, and with better outcomes, so that they can be where they want to be: home, enjoying life and family.

    Choose smarter, choose Mission Point’s, the “SmarterHeart” Cardiac Rehabilitation Program.