Quality Care Hospice

Mission Point Healthcare Services’ overriding priority is to provide the highest level of quality care in a compassionate and safe environment. That means ensuring our residents are cared for throughout their time with us—and at every stage in their life’s journey. That’s why we are so pleased to introduce our new partner: Quality Care Hospice.

As the preferred hospice care provider for Mission Point, Quality Care Hospice brings the same high level of clinical expertise and empathetic perspective that our residents and families have come to expect—along with a comprehensive suite of support services specifically tailored to the needs of skilled nursing facilities and their residents.

The role of hospice in a skilled nursing facility is to provide capable, compassionate, and complementary clinical care. The goal of hospice care in this context is to keep residents in skilled nursing facilities as much as possible while enhancing their quality of life and ensuring their comfort.

The Quality Care Hospice team includes experts in pain and symptom management for end-of-life care, along with 24-hour nursing support and social work specialists who are trained to assist with everything from medical paperwork and decision-making to resource and service arrangements, crisis situations, and coping skills. In other words, Quality Care Hospice brings not just expert medical care, but holistic educational, logistical, emotional, and spiritual support for patients and families. The result is a seamless and complementary care model that dovetails perfectly with Mission Point’s existing offerings. Families appreciate the extra layer of hospice care for their loved ones, and the Mission Point team will benefit enormously from access to additional clinical staff for residents who may need extra care. For our providers who already have so much on their plate, Quality Care Hospice’s services and professional support will be a game-changer.

Quality Care Hospice was developed and is operated by a multidisciplinary group of clinical professionals with a combined 60 years of clinical leadership experience and a mandate to focus primarily on the specific needs of nursing home residents. Quality Care Hospice developed its program in conjunction with skilled nursing facility professionals to ensure that the unique needs of residents, families, and staff are addressed. To that end, the Quality Care Hospice model is designed to respond on-site within two hours of a referral, to collaborate with facility nurses at the beginning and end of every visit to ensure all needs are met, and to provide consistent staffing for each resident and facility to optimize continuity of care. Individualized treatment and care for each resident is a priority, with creative, customized, patient-centric solutions that never compromise patient care with cost-cutting shortcuts or subpar supplies.

Quality Care Hospice CEO Amy Starkel says “Hospice care is a calling to me: a lifelong passion. Like the skilled nursing facility professionals I work closely with every day, I understand that providing residents with the personalized care they need in their most vulnerable moments is a sacred responsibility. Together, we can provide not only comfort but hope and dignity—ensuring every patient and every family is able to live life in the best possible way for their unique situation.”

Families of residents who reside in a Mission Point skilled nursing facility have entrusted our team to provide the best care possible for their loved ones. The additional level of customized, collaborative, and compassionate care from the skilled and experienced medical professionals at Quality Care Hospice is yet another example of how Mission Point continues to work to fulfill that trust.

Amy Starkel, RN, CHPCA
Chief Executive Officer
Quality Care Hospice