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“There are all kinds of love in this world, but never the same love twice.” Scott Fitzgerald.  LOVE can be expressed in so many ways:  Showing up, Caring, Serving, offering a Smile, being Kind and offering a Hand effortlessly.  Our Residents, Families, and Visitors deserve our example of love and our presentation of our best self this Month and all year long.  Transitional Care Solutions continues to serve your Residents wellness needs post-discharge.   February 14th is the day that society set aside to acknowledge those that we love; let us remember our Residents, go the extra mile, give a warm embrace, leave your footprint of LOVE upon their HEART.   

Your PRESENCE:  It is a present! Take your time with our residents and families, don’t spend it rushed or hurried.  Brighten up their day and their space, perhaps a SMILE or a creative handmade card, something more meaningful than store-bought.

BACK down MEMORY LANE:  LISTEN, HEAR their stories, no matter how distorted they may seem; they have a past and most usually live in their own world.  Prompt memories with questions: “Did you know what Love is”?  Did you exchange Valentines growing up?” or “Who was your first date?”  Take a moment to stroll w/them, listen, look at pictures, and allow them to share their special moments. 

SAVOR the MOMENT:  Use this month as an opportunity to help our residents remember, and experience the joy and self-worth associated with a cherished moment. Carve out enough time in your day so that our residents will feel LOVE; let’s not be rushed or hurried.   Surprise them with a call from their loved one, a small dessert, or a soft piece of candy…after all it is Valentine’s Day; let’s share extensions of our heart ALL MONTH LONG.  It’s long been said that the sense of taste can evoke a joyful memory and conjure the comforts of home.

MUSIC and DANCE:  It has long been said that music and dance help to heal.  It is the best medicine for the mind, body, and soul.  Dance helps to release different hormones that make you feel like you are on top of the world, while MUSIC sooths the soul.  Dance releases SEROTONIN: the hormone that causes you to feel content. 

RESOURCES, HEALTH, and WELLNESS:  TRANSITIONAL CARE SOLUTIONS we pride ourselves on being the RESOURCE that our residents and families need, and spreading LOVE; It’s the BEST of all worlds.

Portia M. Bullard
Director, Transitional Care Solutions