The Importance of Partnership

Transitional Care Solutions: Your partner in ensuring that our patients, residents, and family’s transition is made simple.  Our collaborative efforts, our resources, resolutions, wellness assessments, and safety recommendations for our residents to their homes, or to the next stage of placement is key to our overall success. 

PARTNERSHIP and COLLABORATION is the trust factor and mission of Transitional Care Solutions.  We pride ourselves in aligning with our staff and community service providers that will offer our residents excellence in standardized care and services.  Our solid positioning with our community providers is necessary as we continue to be selected as “the trusted solution” for our residents.  Our goal is that Mission Point Transitional Care Solutions would be uniquely known as the “one-stop-shop” entity that offers patients, families, and our residents’ options, opportunities, and outpatient resources.

TRANSITIONAL CARE SOLUTIONS will assist your team for a positive, safe and seamless progression from our facilities to their home.  

Give us a CALL, we will leave our lights on.

Portia M. Bullard
Director, Transitional Care Solutions