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Quality Measure:

Pressure Ulcers-Long term stay

This measure captures the percentage of long-stay, high-risk residents with Stage II–IV pressure ulcers or unstageable pressure ulcers.  This measure will trigger if the resident presents as having a Stage II, III, IV, or unstageable pressure ulcer and if the resident is considered high risk for pressure ulcers.  High-risk is defined as needing weight bearing assistance with bed mobility or transfers, if the resident is comatose, or if the resident has a diagnosis of malnutrition.  Prevention is the best way to avoid pressure ulcers from developing or worsening!  Assessing skin promptly upon admission to the facility, implementing an at risk for skin breakdown careplan with interventions to address the risk factors (i.e. incontinence care or toileting plan, barrier cream, turning/repositioning program, nutrition evaluation/add supplements for poor intake, alternating pressure relief mattress on bed and wheelchair cushions as appropriate).  Always communicate resident changes (ADL decline, poor intake, changes in skin condition) to nursing management, therapy, and the dietician so changes can be made to the resident’s care plan as needed.

Kelly Harriman, RN, CCRP, RAC-CT
Director of Quality and Reimbursement-West Region